America’s Next Top Model Contestant Lisa D’Amato Severely Injures Her Face in Freak Accident | T.V.S.T.


America’s Next Top Model Contestant Lisa D’Amato Severely Injures Her Face in Freak Accident

Lisa D’Amato

A models most precious commodity is her face.  Lisa D’Amato has risked severe damage to hers in a freak accident.  The 32 year old America’s Next Top Model contestant broke her nose and had to get stitches in her forehead, lips and chin!

D’Amato had just completed filming an independent film she was working on called Cowboys and Indians.  She said that she was just joking around doing a handstand against another crew member.  Basically going up on your hands and leaning against somebody upside down.  Well, D’Amato suddenly fell landing on her face.  She crushed her nose.  The crew member in which she was leaning on, fell over on top of her causing her to badly scrape her face.

Lisa calls the accident totally freak.  She says,

“It was a totally freak accident.  It wasn’t like we were doing back flips off the balcony.”

D’Amato was rushed to the hospital and a plastic surgeon was called.  Lisa is looking at the bright side of the entire experience.  She says,



I didn’t have the best nose in the world to begin with. It gave me character. Now I have a nice little nose job. I get a super cute nose.”

She decided to post pictures of her recover on instagram.


Most recently, Lisa appeared on the third season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew for alcoholism. It was there that she shared on camera that she had been physically abused when she was a child.

Lisa was eliminated eighth on Cycle 5 of America’s next Top model.




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