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Beyonce’s Dad Might Have Fathered Another Kid, Introducing TaQoya Branscomb.

Looks like Mr. Knowles was managing a lot more than Beyonce’s career in the past.

On May 30th Mathew Knowles was hit with another paternity suit, this time by a woman named TaQoya Branscomb.  Buzzfeed actually dropped this bomb on everyone yesterday – looks like they are trying to be the new TMZ.

If you remember, this is why Mathew Knowles and Beyonce’s mom Tina got divorced.  In 2010 he was hit with a similar lawsuit from actress Alexandra Wright, where it was proven that he was the father of her son and just like that, his 31 year marriage was over.  Tina Knowles is no Hilary Clinton – she was one and done.  Mathew only got one chance; that’s because she probably knew there were more and it appears she was right.

Mathew has since remarried to a formal model, Gena Charmaine Avery.  A wedding that neither Beyonce nor Solange attended. I have to say, that woman is gorgeous!


Solange Doesn’t Talk about the Elevator incident – Don’t believe the Hype!

I love how all these gossip sites try to lure readers in as if Solange would actually reveal what happened in the elevator. It’s all bull. She said absolutely nothing that was news worthy but that didn’t stop us bloggers.  We had to make something out of nothing.  Here were yesterday’s headlines:

The headline should have read, “Solange avoids discussing the Elevator Incident in Recent Interview”.


Basically she said, that the whole incident is NUNYA. Nunya Damn Bizness.

Solange graces the cover of August’s issue of Lucky magazine where the 28 year old refers to the elevator beat down as “That thing”.  She summarizes the entire incident by simply stating, 


Watch Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy Both Act like They Planned to Leave The View.

This is what I waited all last week for. I wasn’t sure if they would even make a return appearance but they did…and it was great.

This is why I love Whoopi. Although I feel she is underutilized on the show, today she did what Whoopi does…she got right down to business. She started off the show by addressing what everyone was thinking about and had been gossiping about all week – Sherri and Jenny getting the axe.

Whoopi started started things off by saying,

We’re sitting here, and there’s a giant neon pink gorilla in the room, We’re going to deal with it.’


Jenny has been with The View for less than a year. She joined the show on September 9, 2013 so it hasn’t been that long. She jokingly told the audience that her and Sherri getting fired was all a joke, and in fact the two were staying. This shocked and delighted the crowd until Jenny confessed that she was joking….but it wasn’t funny (and probably why she is getting booted from the show – she is not as funny as she thinks). Jenny then confessed,


Robin Williams Returns to Rehab


Robin Williams had reportedly returned to rehab to ‘fine tune’ his sobriety. Williams is currently staying at Hazelden facility in Minnesota, in a specialized program designed to reinforce his sobriety.

Williams has a history of being extremely open regarding his addiction to cocaine and alcohol. He initially quit both in 1986 and was sober for more than 20 years, when he had a relapse due to alcohol in 2006.

Reps for Williams indicated there was no new relapse, but Williams needed to reinforce his sobriety after working back to back projects.

The worst part I imagine was that know one knew those projects existed. That would drive anyone to drink.

To his credit, Williams appears to be doing well and his Twitter account remains active, though he’s focused more on the world cup rather than his new stint in rehab.


Joan Rivers Storms Out of CNN Interview – She can Dish it, but can’t take it. (video)

Joan shows that she can dish it, but taking it, is a whole different story.

This is in the same week that she called President Obama Gay.  When a photographer asked Joan if she thought we would have a gay president, her response was:

“We already have it with Obama, so let’s just calm down, You know Michelle (Obama) is a trans.”

That is a prime example of her dishing it.  Now the question is can she take it….and now we get our answer.

Rivers is doing a promotional tour to sell her new book, “Diary of a Mad Diva”.  I think her and Hillary Clinton are competing for the DILLIGAF award for selling the least amount of books. On a slow news day, Joan was lucky enough to get some time on CNN where news anchor Fredricka Whitfield drew the short straw and interviewed the 81 year old Rivers.


Robert Griffin III gives fans something to look forward to this upcoming NFL Season

During the 2012 NFL season, RGIII took a direct hit to his right knee by the Ravens Haloti Ngata. That led to a Grade 1 LCL sprain. The knee was later re-injured in a wild card game and Griffin had to have surgery for both his LCL and ACL; two surgeries that used to end pro athletes careers. Although they didn’t end his career, he hasn’t been the same since. …until now.

After a lackluster season in 2013, Griffin was pulled early. The Redskins’ head coach, Mike Shanahan decided to sit him during the last 3 games to avoid injury.

Although sitting him out caused some controversy, it appears to have been a good call. The season was a bust anyway and RGIII looks ready to go. It appears the Redskins had successfully protected their four year, $21.1 million dollars; and $13.8 Million signing bonus.

Here are the clips that RG III posted on his facebook.