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Jay Z Making White Folks Angry With His Five Percent Nation Bling (PHOTOS)

Jay Z just really loves being in controversial groups, huh? First the Illuminati and now the Five Percent Nation? He’s certainly a busy man. What’s next? Is he going to join the small group of people who think Shawn should have been with Topanga instead of Cory?

Photos captured Jay Z attending a basketball game with Beyonce last week. And Mr. Z was rocking a huge Five Percent Nation medallion. The thing was so big that he had to purchase a third ticket just to get it inside the building.

So what’s the deal with this Five Percent Nation? Why is everyone getting so angry? Well, apparently, some people in the group don’t like white people that much.


John Pinette, Age 50, Found Dead


Hollywood is mourning the loss of a popular stand up comic and actor.

John Pinette was a bit part player who appeared on shows like Seinfeld, as well as movies like The Punisher and The Last Godfather. Pinette was also a popular stand up comedian and was currently on tour.

Pinette suffered from a prescription pill addition, and just this past August, had checked himself into a rehab facility.

The cause of his death is still under investigation, though it was reported that the star suffered from liver and heart problems. Larry Shapiro, Pinette’s manager, reported that Pinette may have passed as the result of a pulmonary embolism.


Chris Martin Denies Having Affair With Saturday Night Live Assistant

Ever since Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow announced their “conscious uncoupling” two weeks ago, affair rumors have surrounded the former couple.

Paltrow has been accused of having several affairs during her marriage with the Coldplay frontman. She allegedly had an affair with actor Donovan Leitch and billionaire Jeff Soffer. Of course, she denies the reports, but she would deny anything that could possibly make her look bad.

But don’t start feeling sorry for Martin. He was apparently sleeping around during their marriage, as well. A new report that came out over the weekend claims the 37-year-old had an affair with a TV assistant back in 2011.


Kanye West Begs Hollywood A-Listers To Accept Kim Kardashian

Kanye West might be completely in love with Kim Kardashian and her family, but his group of A-list friends are not feeling the love for the reality star.

According to RadarOnline, Kanye West has been begging people to invite Kim to their fancy parties, and elite clubs that only some of Hollywood’s best can get in.

A source told the gossip site the following…

“Kanye is begging people to invite Kim to events or meetings with the cream of the crop in Hollywood, but so many people are refusing.”

The source adds that it has nothing to do with Kanye West. He’s respected in Hollywood for his talent, and even his business skills.

“He’s a serious star that people really respect, especially as a business man, but they want nothing to do with Kim.”


Kevin Spacey Needs His Space, Hates Being Asked About His Private Life

Most celebrities don’t seem to mind sharing every single detail of their personal life online. They share family photos on Instagram, old lasagna recipes from their Grandma and even how many times they poop a day.

The truth is, a lot of celebrities love the attention. They complain and act like they don’t, but their actions show something entirely different.

However, Kevin Spacey seems to be one of those rare celebrities who actually enjoys his personal space.

The House of Cards star talked with The Hollywood Reporter recently for their cover story on the April 11 issue of the magazine. He sat down for a pretty long interview, but he refused to talk about his private life.

“Spacey, whose only permanent home is in London, fiercely guards his private life. In fact, his affable demeanor shuts off the moment he is asked about it.” Lacy Rose writes in the magazine.


Miley Cyrus Still Distraught Over Dog’s Death, Says She’s Not Ready To Love Again

We told you last week that Miley Cyrus’ favorite dog ‘Floyd’ passed away unexpectedly. The news of his death hit the 21-year-old singer hard. She even dedicated a song to Floyd during one of her concerts, and she couldn’t finish the song without crying her eyes out.

At the time, we were sympathetic. Losing a dog is like losing a child to some people. Miley Cyrus is obviously one of those people, so she deserves some time to grieve.

But now almost a week after his death, things are starting to get a little dramatic. For the past week, Miley Cyrus has been posting a steady stream of emotional tweets.


Who is this Moonie character? Well, Miley’s mother tried to help out her daughter by giving her a new puppy named Moonie. But it looks like Miley Cyrus just isn’t ready to love another puppy again.

Her string of sad tweets continued over the weekend…


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