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The Travel Channel Yanks Newest ‘Man v Food’ show after Adam Richman’s Social Media Meltdown!

Adam Richman had the dream job. He got paid to literally travel around the world and stuff his face full of all foods that could only be created by God. As you can imagine, a job like that comes with some hazards, a few being an oversized gut, loss of breath when standing still, and the inability to see your feet.


Richman decided to take matters into his own hands. He said seeing the fat him got him and posting a huge number on the scale was all he needed to get motivated,

It was depressing. But it wasn’t just my appearance — airplane seats felt cramped, I was wearing an XXL jacket, and I had less energy. I went in for a checkup, and when my doctor had me stand on the scale, even he was surprised. Seeing that number (which I’ll take to the grave) was a turning point. I knew I needed to make a change.”

Richman dropped 70 lbs in just 10 months and decided to show off by posing nude for UK’s Cosmo.


Jimmy Fallon Invites Trey Songz to Translate Lyrics to ‘Na Na’ for the Uncool People

Video clips like this, is why Arsenio just couldn’t compete.

The Jimmys are everywhere.  They are  funny, versatile and these skit’s hit the internet and get shared by millions.  Both Fallon and Kimmel bring “it”, night after night and both have the ability to span demographics bringing in huge numbers and leveraging social media to keep those numbers up.   I love you Arsenio but until you can compete on this scale; your Woot, Woot days are over.  (Stephen Colbert, I hope you are listening)


In this bit, Jimmy is providing a service for the older fans that might not understand the lyrics to Trey Songz hit song “Na Na”.

Kimmel is just good at what he does.  He has Trey Songz sing his song, line for line, and then he translates it into common English.

Small Wedding Dress Beyonce in ohio

Beyonce’s Lyric Change to “Resentment” Further Fuels Rumors of a Cheating Jay-Z

For the record I’m not buying into all the hype…..just yet.  Jay-Z and Beyonce are marketing geniuses, not to mention they are both notoriously private.  Let’s not forget Hov sold 1 million albums before releasing Magna Carta and Bey produced an entire album including videos without anyone the world knowing, until she was ready. Between the two they are capable of anything.

Combine that along with everyone waiting for a juicy, high profile breakup and you have instant drama.  Which brings us to the lyrical shake up that has everyone calling Jay a cheater….


During her show in Ohio on Saturday, concert goers noticed that the song “Resentment” was slightly different.  An attendee posted video footage of the song on Youtube and the Daily Mirror was the first media outlet to report on the change.

I’ll always remember feeling like I was no good / Like I couldn’t do it for you like your mistress could


Zendaya Coleman withdraws from the Aaliyah project, Production was not up to Par!

Well she said it was “half” to be exact.

Back on June 16th when it was announced that Coleman would play Aaliyah in the Lifetime biopic, the internet went buzzing.  The 17 year olds likeness to Aaliyah made her perfect for the role, the project had a working title, Aaliyah: The Princes of R&B and things were under way……sort of.


There was immediate backlash from the internet when Aaliyah fans said that Coleman was not black enough?  The Executive producer, Debra Martin Chase stood by her decision swinging back at the haters. She said,

BET AWARDS '14 - Arrivals

Taye Diggs Makes Appearance with New Boo, Amanza Smith Brown. Just Who is She?

After 10 years of marriage Taye Diggs and wife Idina Menzel split…and now he has upgraded.

Sunday night, the 43 year old showed up and showed out at the BET awards with his new Boo-Thang. He is now officially dating model Amanza Smith Brown.

She is a straight up hottie and the 2 have appeared together in public as early as April 9th when they were spotted leaving Hooray Henry’s nightclub together in Hollywood. Sunday’s appearance at the BET awards was the first time they were publicly, official with their relationship.



She has done some light modeling work and describes herself as a such on her facebook page. It also says that she has been with the agency, LA Talent since 2012. She has been in several TV commercials, billboards and magazines like Seventeen and she was also a suitcase model on the show Deal or No Deal. 


Jillian Michaels leaves ‘The Biggest Loser’ Again and Two New Trainers Join!

After last year’s crazy weight loss shocker, we knew that Jillian Michaels had had enough.  Now it’s official.

After Season 15’s winner Rachel Frederickson appeared to be a bag of bones during the finale, Jillian was stunned, mortified and then angry.  She said that she was concerned about the direction the show was taking.

Rachel who was trained by Dolvett, basically lost 155 lbs which was more than half her body weight.  Although the show has checks and balances for contestants, they somehow overlooked Frederickson’s insane progress.  This did not fit well with Michaels.

Jillian has been busy outside of The Biggest Loser on a U.S. speaking tour called “Maximize Your Life”.  It’s a Tony Robbins type of 90 minute speech where she empowers the audience, giving them a new sense of self confidence.  It’s not just about weight loss but overall self improvement.  In order to promote her brand sources say that she is trying hard to separate herself from the tainted “Biggest Loser” brand.  During an interview Jillian said regarding Rachel’s weight loss,