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Justin Beiber Releases New “Boyfriend” Album Cover to his 18.7 Million Tweeps!

Justin Bieber has 18.7 Million fans on twitter, so I’m sure this album cover is old news.  The Bieb tweeted this out along with,

so here it is…the cover of the Walmart #BOYFRIEND SINGLE COVER…made by U the fans! thank u! This is OUR ALBUM!

Justin and his people not only realize how important twitter is, but they know how to use it.  Teenage girls just eat up Bieber’s tweets:

Let’s not forget, all of this promotion if F-R-E-E.  If you are in any kind of business and not leveraging social media: twitter, facebook, pinterest, etc….Then you better start now.  You tell me a faster way to talk to 18.7 million people from your cell phone.

I currently have 6000 tweeps myself!  Justin, I’m right on your ass!!


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Captain America TV Spot and 3 Character Posters Released!

For real Marvel addicts this is probably old news, but for the rest of the World, we have 3 character posters and 2 TV spots. Just in time to capitalize on all the Post Bin Laden death patriotism!



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