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Miley Cyrus Talks To Ryan Seacrest About He...

Apr 29, 2014No Comments6 Views

As we all know (thanks to her train of tweets) Miley Cyrus was in the hospital for nine days before being released five days ago


David Letterman Will Retire Next Year, Who ...

Apr 04, 2014No Comments6 Views

Are you surprised? David Letterman’s audience last night sure was. The 66-year-old host of “The Late Show” shocked everyone last night when he announced he


Justin Bieber Wants The Media To Stop Bully...

Dec 10, 2013No Comments2 Views

Justin Bieber talked with Ryan Seacrest yesterday on his radio show and he told Ryan that the bullying by the media needs to stop because


Kanye West Goes On Another Rant, Compares K...

Oct 30, 2013No Comments2 Views

Kanye West loves to hear himself talk and he did a lot of talking yesterday on Ryan Seacrest’s Radio show. During the interview, Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest Rents A Yacht for $275,000 a ...

Jan 06, 2013No Comments29 Views

Sure, $275,000 per week is a lot of money, however Ryan makes more annually then most celebrities net worth.  Ryan makes $150 Million a year. 

Simon Cowell and Carmen Electra

Simon Cowell Confirms Relationship with Car...

Dec 20, 2012No Comments3 Views

There’s been a lot of buzzing, but nothing confirmed…until now.  Cowell confirmed live on Ryan Seacrest’s show, “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” that he was