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Notorious B.I.G. Musical Playwrights Get Ar...

Jul 22, 2012No Comments18 Views

WTF is right.  I’m really not sure what these guys were thinking…in fact the only thing we know for sure is that they were not


Mariah Carey’s HIV Positive Prostitute Si...

May 28, 2012No Comments67 Views

How’s that for a headline.  Who Knew?  I know I’m supposed to be Mr. Gossip, but I for sure didn’t know this. Mariah Carey has

bill rancic

Bill and Giuliana Rancic Have Good News –...

Apr 24, 2012No Comments6 Views

I might be happier than they are.  Talk about a journey!  Bill and Giuliana Rancic made another appearance on the TODAY show to announce that


Mike Tyson Reveals that he Smushed While in...

Apr 20, 20123 Comments11 Views

In the wake of all the positive buzz over Mike Tyson’s one man show in Vegas, comes the reports that he impregnated one of the

Bruce Lee Playing Ping Pong! My WTF –...

Apr 12, 2012No Comments18 Views

This is my first installment of Viral videos of the day.  There is just too much good viral crap out there for me not to

The Biggest Loser, Week 4 – The Intro...

Feb 04, 2012No Comments1063 Views

Even though this is TV Smack Talk I really don’t do recaps, because you can go to the show’s own website for that.  What I