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Serena Williams featured in Emotional Beats by Dre Commercial for their Wireless Headphones

I have always been a fan of Serena Williams. Not just a fan, but a huge fan. I denounce all those comments that she looks like a man, or that she’s too muscular or how about comments that her butt is too big. Are you kidding me? Serena’s cheeks are hand carved spheres handed down from the God of Glutes. They are a divine gift to this generation. Serena is all woman period.

Despite her killer body, she also has a killer work ethic that has enabled her to stay at the top of the tennis game well past what was supposed to be her prime. Williams holds the most Major singles, doubles, and mixed doubles titles combined amongst active players, male or female. When she branches out into other things like, fashion or does commercials, I get concerned but she somehow is able to stay focused enough on her game to keep her on top.


Watch Kelly Ripa Make One Of The Longest Penis Jokes We Have Ever Heard

What would Regis Philbin say about this? Kelly Ripa, Michael Strahan and executive producer/professional troll Michael Gelman spent over two minutes discussing the size of the new iPhone 6.

It all started as a legit discussion, but then it just turned into one hilarious penis joke. And after watching the video, I think Kelly Ripa is the one to blame for this. How she managed to keep a straight face during this conversation is beyond me.

Michael Strahan tried to keep a straight face, but he ended up giggling throughout the video. He even tried to stop the discussion at one point; however, Gelman and Ripa were content letting the dirty conversation continue.

Check out the hilarious video down below…


Josh Hutcherson Spends All Day Defending Jennifer Lawrence After Nude Photo Leak

Ah, yes, another story about all those nude photos. There were a number of celebrities who were victimized, but it seems all anyone cares about is Jennifer Lawrence. Is it because more people wanted to see her naked? Is it become she has more fans than any of the other victims? It’s probably a combination of the two.

Anyway, for some reason, the victims of this crime have been forced to defend themselves, which is really silly. What did they do that was so wrong? Everyone takes nude photos. Your grandmother? She takes nude photos. Sure, she might still get those photos developed at CVS, but she’s still going to stuff them inside Larry’s mailbox down the street.

The point I am trying to make here is that Jennifer Lawrence shouldn’t have to apologize or defend herself. And her friends, like co-star Josh Hutcherson, shouldn’t have to defend her either. However, that is how Hutcherson spent most of his time at the Toronto International Film Festival.


After a Warrant was Issued, Apollo Nida Confirms via Instagram that he Has Turned Himself In.

After several reports that Apollo did not show up to begin his prison stint, it’ has been confirmed that Apollo (or should I say Prison Number: 2236793) is indeed in custody.  He will be serving his time at the FMC Lexington Prison in Kentucky.  He will begin his 8 year bid, a sentence that was drastically reduced for snitching.


There was also news that Apollo and Phaedra had some words yesterday as the time for him to check himself in neared. Apollo was upset when Phaedra refused to attend his sentencing and he was shocked again when she went on tour to promote her book, instead of supporting him as he prepared to go to prison. This forced he couple apart further and in typical Apollo fashion, he took to drinking and spending time and money at the strip clubs instead of quality time with his family…until last night.


‘No Good Deed’ Actress Taraji P. Henson Claims She Doesn’t Get The Credit She Deserves

You have all seen her face, but how many of you actually know her name? Taraji P. Henson. The Oscar-Nominated actress has starred in several hit films. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Taken from Me: The Tiffany Rubin Story, Think Like a Man, etc. Her latest film, “No Good Deed” comes out Friday, but we don’t have high hopes for it.

The studio canceled nationwide screenings of the film, because they didn’t want critics spoiling the major plot twist, which is probably their way of protecting the movie from getting smashed by critics.

Anyway, the 44-year-old actress was full of complaints during an interview with Ebony Magazine. She claims she doesn’t get the respect she deserves, “I’m treated like I’m on the D-list.” She told the magazine.


Hilary Duff Finally Asked About Aaron Carter’s Undying Love, Her Response Is Priceless!

Remember earlier this year, back in March, we posted a story about Aaron Carter’s creepy tweets directed toward Hilary Duff? Well, I guess we shouldn’t say creepy. He didn’t talk about wanting to wear her skin or anything; however, he did sound pretty desperate.

If you don’t remember the tweets, we have them for you down below. He first retweeted a photo of Duff, and then posted the two tweets down below, followed by a tweet confirming he was indeed talking about the 26-year-old actress/singer.


There would have been nothing strange about the tweets if Carter and Duff had recently split; however, it’s been over ten years! They dated for a little over a year when they were 13/14, and then he broke up with her because he wanted to get in on some Lindsay Lohan action.