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Jay-Z and Beyonce Break up Rumors Squashed and How much they Earn Per Show Revealed!

I haven’t weighed in yet on the rumors that Jay-Z and Beyonce are headed for splitsville.  Mostly because I don’t believe it’s entirely true.  Yes, the elevator incident was a big deal and very intriguing but that doesn’t mean that the marriage is over it just means they all had a bad night…and it was captured on camera.

All the mucky-muck about Beyonce getting the wedding tattoo removed was all garbage.  It even had Perez Hilton flip-flopping on his blog.  All indications are that the rings are still there – even the photos that Beyonce posts on her own Instagram!


Chubby Chris Brown has a Better Life Than You – Fat and Fabulous Pics Inside

Usually people come out of jail and they are either skinny or just jacked.   You know the expression, “Three hots and a Cot” which refers to three hot meals and a lot of rest.  That’s used to describe your prison stint along with hitting the gym which equates to typically the best shape of your life…unless you are Chris Brown.  Upscale prisons might be a little different.  It looks like Chris Brown got more like 6 gourmet meals and some pastries.

When he was released I could see the weight gain in his face but until these shirtless photos hit the web, we had no idea just how chubby Chris has gotten. He’s not fat, he’s just regular and we are not used to anything about C-Breezi being “regular”.

These photos you see were snapped in St Tropez where Chris was doing a little relaxing  before going to work.

Kim Zolciak in a bikini

Kim Zolciak posts bikini shots on Instagram – Her plastic Surgeon is a GOD!

If you think she looks that good naturally, after giving birth to six kids including a set of twins…you are delusional.  I guarantee there was a nip or tuck somewhere.  I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to tuck and pull where needed, but her hashtags would lead you to think otherwise.

The two pics she posted are basically promotion for Beach Bunny Swimwear as well as her lame attempt to get thirsty-ass trolls to dole out compliments like your typical THOT.   Her message with the first photos was,


Did You See? Unpicked Bachelor Reveals ‘he hit it first’ and Stuns Audience (Video)

After Juan Pablo’s blow up last season, the “After The Final Rose” shows are proving to be definitely worth the watch. Last night was no different when the unpicked Bachelor, Nick Viall dropped a bomb that stunned the audience.

What happens in the fantasy sweet is usually never spoken of, however Viall decided to let everyone know that he pulled a Ray J. “He hit it first”. In a tearful rant, he questions how Bachelorette Andi Dorman could play with his emotions. Then he let’s the bomb drop,

“If you weren’t in love with me…I’m just not sure why you made love with me”



Nelly Cooks Beef with Floyd Mayweather – “It’s Hard Talking to Someone who Hasn’t Graduated High School”

Yep.  That is way more than shots being fired.  That is an AK47.

Nelly and his teeth were guests on a recent episode of the show ‘Highly Questionable”.    I’m not a fan of the show, and after watching this corny-ass clip I think Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones are safe from gaining me as a fan.  However they did have Nelly on the show and started off with basic questions primarly focused on Nelly’s Tip Drill video.  After the pleasantry they ask him to explain his beef with Floyd.


For those who don’t know, Nelly is rumored to smashing Floyd’s Ex who we affectionately know as Miss Shantal Jackson.

Recently Nelly an Miss Jackson have been taking to Instagram, showing off pics of the two celebrating her birthday. Nelly who has been notoriously private in the past regarding his relationships, appears to be flaunting this one to get under Mayweather’s skin. This is all in retaliation to an interview that Floyd had with Big Tigger (we still have it up) where Floyd basically explained how Miss Jackson aborted his twins, and details on how Nelly was broke.


Struggle Files: Terrence Howard can’t pay alimony, claims he’s earning less than $6000 per month!

The struggle is real for Terrence Howard or at least he would like you to believe it is.

His second wife, Michelle Ghent insists that Terrence owes her $325,000 in back spousal support payments. Not child support – SPOUSAL SUPPORT. That amount is even more ridiculous as the two were only married for a year.

Terrence is asking to get out of the agreement, claiming that Ghent blackmailed him into signing that agreement. This is the woman that Howard allegedly sucker punched and kicked during their tumultuous marriage.


I was wondering the same thing. It appears that Michelle Ghent had taped conversations between Howard and some of his ex-girlfriends. Back in 2009, Howard hired Ghent as an assistant. Before his mother died Howard taped a conversation he had with his mother and asked Ghent to help him download it. While doing so, she uncovered a bunch of other recordings Howard made with past ex-girlfriends. You can only imagine what was said during those calls. She downloaded them onto her computer…just in case she ever needed them…..and needed them she did.