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Rihanna Dissed by NFL

With the Ray Rice scandal still fresh in our minds, as well as the recent child abuse accusations levied again Adrian Peterson, the NFL seems to be doing everything it can to separate itself from domestic abuse.


This might include victimizing another victim, Rihanna, who was famously involved in a domestic abuse incident with Chris Brown five years ago. Apparently, Rihanna was already scheduled to have a pre-recorded music segment played during Thursday Night Football, but CBS elected to pull the tape at the last minute, stating;

“We will be moving in a different direction with some elements of our Thursday Night Football open. We will be using our newly created Thursday Night Football theme music to open our game broadcast.”

Rhianna was clearly not happy with CBS, and took to Twitter to vent her frustration.


Beyonce Pregnant With “Another One”? See Why New Photo Doesn’t Support The Rumors

We know you all have heard the rumors. How could you not? It’s all anyone is talking about. Is Beyonce pregnant again? The pregnancy rumors started floating around after Jay Z allegedly changed a “Beach Is Better” lyric to say, “cause she’s pregnant with another one.” The incident reportedly happened during a performance in Paris.

However, a photo tweeted out yesterday by the Life + Times Twitter account shows Beyonce and Jay Z celebrating the end of their ‘On the Run‘ tour in France. In the photo, Beyonce appears to be holding a glass of champagne.

Check it out down below…


Robin Thicke Is A Mess, Admits He Didn’t Write ‘Blurred Lines’ And Claims He Was High 24/7

We are sure Robin Thicke cannot wait for 2015, because 2014 has not been kind to him. Or maybe he has not been kind to 2014? Either way, it’s obvious the 37-year-old singer needs to work on himself. As some of you may know, Thicke and Pharrell Williams are in the middle of a lawsuit with the children of Marvin Gaye.

They claim Thicke’s hit, “Blurred Lines” is a blatant rip-off of Gaye’s 1977 hit, Got To Give It Up. Well, here is where things get really interesting. The Hollywood Reporter has obtained Thicke’s deposition from April, and it contains some crazy claims by Robin.


The first shocker? Robin admits he did not help write the song. He gives all the credit to Pharrell.


Is Django Actress Daniele Watts a big fat Liar? Police were not Racist; TMZ releases the Tape. You Decide!

I’m actually in China and on CNN, worldwide all I’ve seen in the past 24 hours was Daniele Watts and her tirade about how racist the police are. About the 15th time watching the interview with her and her boyfriend, I knew she was full of crap but figured that since the LAPD said they had no record of the incident, that she would get away with it.

After some digging, I learned that TMZ released the audio and that the full CNN interview actually calls her out and challenges her on her allegations.  The interesting fact is, the full interview is not being played here in Hong Kong or China!

The police said the incident occurred because of a call regarding the couples make out session which everyone agrees did happen. Officer Sally Madera says,

There was an indication on the radio call that a male white and female black were involved in a sexual act inside a Mercedes with the vehicle door open, Two people were briefly detained, but it was revealed no crime had been committed,”

The entire issue caught fire when Watts boyfriend Brian James Lucas posted on his Facebook page,


Wendy Williams Kicks off her Sixth Season Literally Eating Crow about Comments made about Kim and Kanye! (Video)

The new TV Season has begun and Wendy Williams has started it off eating crow. Literally. The Talk Show Diva is keeping her word. Last year when she found out that Kim and Kanye were engaged, the first thing she said was that she’d eat crow if their marriage lasted longer than the 72 day mark previously set by Kim and Kris Humphries.

In fact she talked a lot of Smack during that episode…in case you don’t remember.


Confirmed: Kanye West Is Not A God, Unable To Make Fan In Wheelchair Stand Up (VIDEO)

It looks like Kanye West is a fraud. The 37-year-old Supreme Being was unable to perform a miracle at his concert in Sydney, Australia, Friday night. Apparently, there is one point during Kanye’s show where he makes the entire audience stand up to worship him. Every audience member must be out of their seat before he performs the song.

Now, Mr. West isn’t a monster. He usually allows people with disabilities to remain seated; however, he made one hilarious mistake down in Australia.

He told the crowd…

“I can’t do this show until everybody stand up. Unless you got a handicap pass and you get special parking and s**t.”