Sheen and Two and a Half Men

Two and a Half Millionaires…um I mean Men

Two and a Half “Million”…um I mean Men

Yesterday was his birthday – and what a birthday it was.  The Two and a Half Men, star gets a huge raise.  Following in Charlie Sheen’s footsteps, who is now making a reported $2 million an episode.  Angus T Jones who plays Jake Harper, just inked a brand new deal worth Millions.

The details of his contract keep him on the show for a minimum of 26 episodes, for $300,000 per show!  OMG!!  He will be making just under $8 million for the next 2 seasons, not to mention the $500,000 retention bonus.

Now it gets better…that’s a worse case scenario.  CBS is planning to keep the hit show around for 2 more seasons, giving the young star a pay day of just under $15 million.  If that doesn’t Flabber your gaster, Sheen will have made $98 million in the same time period.

I’m in the wrong line of work! I if I started earlier, I could have been the next Gary Coleman!

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