Kanye West’s White T-shirts not only sells for $120, But they are Sold Out!

Yes, Yeezus is cashing in on his version of the “Pet Rock”.  Kanye has teamed up with French clothing retailer A.P.C. to produce a clothing line which includes a white T shirt.  Not just any white Tee but this one is known as the “hip hop T-shirt”.

FOR $120?  BUT WHY?

I asked myself the same question.  A quick trip to the website you will see exactly why.  The T-shirt is featured on APC’s website but I can save you a click.

Kanye West $120 Hip Hop T Shirt

Not only is this a white T-shirt designed by Kanye West, father of North West, side-piece of Kim Kardashian, but the shirt is described as:

“Very Loose” and made from “Egyptian Cotton.”  If that is not enough for your $120 there is a reinforced neckline and the words “A.P.C. KANYE” are silk screened inside the neckline. [more…]

OHHHH.. I get it now.  IT’S A PLAIN WHITE F@#KIN’ T-SHIRT!!!

Pardon me while I go kill myself.

Yes, it does say “Item is sold out” but don’t worry, you can pre-order more T-shirts but if you want to save your money and add to it, he also has jeans for just $265 and hoodies for just a measley $280.  Now I will really go kill myself.

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