Do you know who the number one requested Celebrity without make up is?  You guessed it, Marilyn Manson.  Out of all the Celebs a Dude is the number one search for a “star without make up”.  Oy Vey!  I guess now we know why he wears it.  Two words come to my mind – NOT SEXY!

In case you were wondering what Marilyn Manson’s real name is, it’s Brian Hugh Warner.

Marilyn manson appears in court with his hands folded without makeup






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  1. Alex

    i think he look great without makeup! the only thing that make him look wierd is probably cause he dont have eyebrows! i like him and i think he’ll never look ugly he always look great!

  2. eyemale

    Lets be honest MM is average looking at best , if he wasn’t famous I doubt he be much of a babe magnet. based on what I know about him …all this hero worshiping to the point of denial is exactly what he is against. be honest , follow your own path and stop being an air head groupie . it is ok to like his music with out thinking he is hot or handsome . he is selling art , he not in a beauty contest ( which he would most likey lose).

  3. Claire

    I think he looks better without make-up. He seems like a very sweet guy who did believe in Jesus and still does deep down. The only reason he probably changed his look was because of being picked on. I hope he gets better in life and starts going to church! May God be with him.

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