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Modern Family Cast Members Settle on a Pay ...

Jul 28, 2012No Comments4 Views

Just in case you were actually concerned that Modern Family was going to get cancelled you can relax.  There will be more Sophia Vergera and

Samuel L Jackson Narrates Famous Bed Time S...

Jul 15, 2012No Comments72 Views

I stumbled across Samuel Jackson narrating a bed time story.  With one of the most distinctive voices in Hollywood and the persona too match he


Joanna Johnson Comes Out: ‘The Bold A...

May 15, 2012No Comments23 Views

Joanna Johnson who plays a lesbian on “The Bold and the Beautiful” is also a lesbian in real life.  On the show her character Karen


Miley Cyrus’ New Movie Release, “LO...

May 09, 2012No Comments47 Views

Yikes! They may have to change the name of that movie to OMG or better yet WTF! Not only is this a blow for Miley


Travolta being sued by a Male Masseur, Clai...

May 08, 2012No Comments3 Views

The lawsuit basically says that back on Jan 16th Travolta responded to an anonymous ad online for a $200 an hour massage appointment.  The alleged

Jlo chest Tattoo

J-Lo Premieres her Newest, Casper Smart Dir...

May 07, 2012No Comments50 Views

What’s all the buzz about J-Lo’s newest video?  It’s a big-ass tattoo that she has plastered over her back and her front.  The tattoo on