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Famous Base Jumper Jeff Corliss Smashes Bot...

Feb 23, 2012No Comments41 Views

Jeb Corliss might be America’s most famous dare devil.  He is best known for jumping off crap with this crazy looking winged suit.  Let’s face

Tracy Morgan’s Mom Uses the Media to ...

Feb 01, 2012No Comments23 Views

Tracy Morgan’s moms is in trouble.  She called CNN and gave a phone interview putting Tracy on full blast!! She is about to get thrown

Rihanna Shows Some Leg in L.A. as She Cheer...

Jan 11, 2012No Comments88 Views

There is no story here, just pictures.  Rihanna is looking good, showing some legs and having fun at a Lakers game.  Nothing more nothing less.

J-Lo Looking Stunning while Filming Her Rea...

Nov 06, 2011No Comments4 Views

J-Lo created quite the scene in this mini dress while filming her Simon Fuller produced Q’Viva! The Chosen!  It’s like a Latino Star Search.  Despite

Justin Bieber’s Paternity Suit, Details o...

Nov 02, 2011No Comments35 Views

Leave it to Bieber!!  He just might have a 3 month old baby!!! A 20 year old woman (you know the Bieb likes them older),

Sharon Osbourne Reveals She Took Leave From...

Oct 08, 2011No Comments16 Views

Previously Sharon said that she was taking a break from “The Talk” because “America’s Got Talent” and “The Talk” were too much and she wanted