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Chelsea Handler Scores Big, Lands Her Own Talk Show On Netflix

Even though Chelsea Handler just finished telling people she needed to extricate herself from the world of celebrities, she announced a brand new partnership with Netflix.

The 39-year-old comedian will be ending her 7-year stint with the E! Network in August, but she’s not ending her career as a talk show host.


Netflix just announced they are teaming up with Handler to create a game-changing talk show. Handler explained the decision in a statement released by Netflix.

“If I was going to continue working in this industry, I knew I had to do something outside the box to keep myself interested. I wanted to sit with the cool kids at lunch so I approached Netflix to make sure they were as cool as I thought they were, and when I confirmed my suspicions, like with any other future lover, I made my move.”


Mindy Kaling Not A Fan Of Sex, Prefers Making Out For Two Hours

Mindy Kaling is every man’s nightmare. The woman that only wants to make out. The woman that wants to get you loaded, but refuses to open up her shooting range.

The star and creator of ‘The Mindy Project‘ talked with Chelsea Handler the other night on her talk show. Handler asked Kaling if the reason her character has so much sex is because she loves to talk about it.

“I have that personality where I was such a nerd — I am such a nerd — that I can only enjoy those situations looking out inside. I’d be dead if I lived the life of my character. She drinks and dates like a party animal. She’s like Lindsay Lohan’s sex life, but she’s a doctor. It’s a TV show — that’s why it works like that — but it’s kind of fun because I don’t live that life.”

So what kind of life does she live? Well, we gave you a hint with the opening sentence. Kaling admitted to the audience that she would be perfectly fine with just making out for two hours…


Katy Perry Loves Herself And Believes That’s All It Takes To Be A Feminist

Katy Perry needs to spend about a minute on Google to figure out what feminism is. The 29-year-old singer still seems to be confused by the whole feminism thing, but she is a feminist…we think.

You may remember the criticism Katy Perry received after telling Billboard magazine back in 2012 that she wasn’t a feminist. She told the magazine the following…

“I am not a feminist, but I do believe in the strength of women.”

If you’re having trouble figuring out what the f–k she means by that, we’ll try to help you understand it. She basically just said she believes women are strong, but not strong enough to handle having the same rights and opportunities as men.


Dan Aykroyd Loses It During Interview With Ellen Fanning

You know if Dan Aykroyd is in the news, it must be bad. The 61-year-old Canadian-born singer/actor was on an Australian talk show the other day when things got a bit out of control.

He was discussing his career and personal childhood stories with the host of the show, Ellen Fanning. Things were going smoothly during the interview, but that all changed when Danny boy tried to push his vodka brand, Crystal Head Vodka.

Fanning was not having his shameless plug, so she did everything she could during the interview to ignore his advertising. Aykroyd became so mad at some point during the interview that he ripped off his sunglasses, mentioned his full line of vodka products and then stormed out of the interview.

People say they heard the actor yelling, “F–king hosebag!” outside of the studio. The network for the show wanted the producer to offer an apology to Dan, but the producer and Fanning say that the actor should be apologizing to them, “advertorials are not part of the show’s format.” a spokesperson said for the show.

Hosebag is an insult that should really be more popular than it is. I can’t remember the last time I heard someone call someone else a hosebag. However, I do find it a little weird that the show is against people promoting their work.

That’s usually how the interview process works, the actor helps out the show with an interview and the show helps out the actor with promoting whatever sh–ty thing they’re promoting.

It’s a two way-street.


The First Photo Of North West!

Finally we have an actual picture of little North West! After weeks of false alarms, we now have the real thing and she looks exactly how you would expect her to look,



I think she looks more like Kanye, what do you guys think? No, no, we’re only kidding! The real photo of baby North West can be found down below…


Holy crap! SHE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE A BABY! All this waiting and we see that she looks completely normal? What a ripoff. In all seriousness, they did well. It’s a cute baby, and don’t give me that bullsh-t about all babies being “cute.” Some babies are freaking ugly, let’s just admit it.

Anyway, there she is. Kanye revealed the photo on Kris Jenner’s soon to be canceled talk show, and now we can all analyze the photo and argue about who she looks like more. Personally, I see a little bit of Ray J, but that could just be my eyes playing tricks on me.


First Pictures of North West Coming Friday

We’re not sure if anyone still cares, but you will be able to see the first picture of baby North West this Friday on the finale of Kris Jenner’s horrible talk show.

The episode has already been filmed and supposedly Kanye West reveals the first photo of North West on the show. They apparently flashed a picture of the baby on the screen, but didn’t leave it up there long enough for anyone in the live audience to take a photo. It’s believed that they will show the picture on the screen for a longer amount of time come Friday.

This move is obviously an attempt to get Kris Jenner’s show renewed for a second season. She’s hoping the ratings are incredible for this last show so Fox has no choice but to bring her back. However, hopefully Fox is smart enough to realize that people are just tuning in for the baby picture.

You kind of had to figure that they were going to do something like this. Anything they do has to benefit one of the Kardashians in someway. They certainly didn’t get where they are at now by being humble and selfless!

Will you be tuning in Friday? Personally, I refuse to give her the ratings. I’ll just wait for someone to screen grab it and put it online.